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Upcoming Conferences

  • Wei Li, Zhen Xu, Xudong Lin, Rongcong Luo, Chia-Hung Chen, and Peng Shi, NeuroArray: A Universal Interface for Patterning and Interrogating Neural Circuitry with Single Cell Resolution, Scientific Reports, 2014, 4, 4784.
  • Ramesh Ramji, Ming Wang, Ali Asgar S. Bhagat, Daniel Tan Shao Weng, Nitish V. Thakor, Chwee Teck Lim and Chia-Hung Chen, Single cell kinase signaling asay using pinched flow coupled droplet microfluidics, Biomicrofluidics 8, 034104, 2014.
  • Rong-Cong Luo, Zhen Han Lim, Wei Li, Peng Shi and Chia-Hung Chen, Near-infrared light triggerable deformation-free polysaccharide double network hydrogels, Chem. Commun, DOI:10.1039/c4cc02216e.
  • Zhuolin Xiang, Shih-Cheng Yen, NingXue, Tao Sun, Wei Mong Tsang, Songsong Zhang, Lun-De Liao, Nitish Thakor, and Chengkuo Lee, Ultra-thin Flexible Polyimide Neural Probe Embedded in Dissolvable Maltose-Coated Microneedle, J. Micromech. Microeng, to be published.
  • Z. Duan, Y.X. Guo, M. Je, and D.L. Kwong, Design and in vitro test of differentially fed dual-band implantable antenna operating at MICS and ISM bands, accepted by IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation.
  • C.R. Liu, Y.X. Guo, S.Q. Xiao, Capacitively Loaded Circularly Polarized Implantable Patch Antenna for ISM-Band Biomedical Applications, accepted by IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation.
  • Rangarajan Jegadeesan, Yongxin Guo, Shih-Cheng Yen, Nitish V. Thakor, Transcutaneous Power Delivery and Safety, accepted for presentation at the 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and USNC-URSI National Radio Science Meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, July 6-12, 2014.
  • Sudip Nag and Nitish V. Thakor, "Electrical Stimulation," Book Chapter, accepted for publication, Cambridge University Press, 2014.
  • Sudip Nag, Dinesh Sharma and Nitish V. Thakor, "A 24 V pp Compliant Biphasic Stimulator for Inductively Powered Animal Behavior Studies,", 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE EMBS (EMBC), 3-7 July, 2013.
  • Ranajay Mandal, Sudip Nag and Nitish V. Thakor, "Wirelessly Powered and Controlled, Implantable, Multi-channel, Multi-wavelength Optogenetic Stimulator," IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series on RF and Wireless Technologies for Biomedical and Healthcare Applications (IMWS-BIO), 9-11 Dec., 2013
  • K. A. Ng and Yong Ping Xu. A Compact, Low Input Capacitance Neural Recording Amplifier. IEEE Trans Biomed Circuits Syst. 2013 Oct 17. | Pubmed
  • Lim, J., Catherine-Quevenco, F., Kwok, K., EEG alpha activity is associated with individual differences in post-break improvement, NeuroImage (in press)
  • Yu SUN, Sijung Hu, Vicente Azorin-Peris, Roy Kalawsky, Stephen Greenwald. Noncontact imaging photoplethysmography to effectively access pulse rate variability. J. Biomed. Opt., 18(6), 061205 (Oct 30, 2012), doi: 10.1117/1.JBO.18.6.061205
  • Lun-De Liao, Chin-Teng Lin, Yen-Yu I. Shih, Timothy Q. Duong, Hsin-Yi Lai, Po-Hsun Wang, Robby Wu, Siny Tsang, Jyh-Yeong Chang, Meng-Lin Li, You-Yin Chen, "Transcranial Imaging of Functional Cerebral Hemodynamic Changes in Single Blood Vessels Using In Vivo Photoacoustic Microscopy," 32, 938-951, Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, 2012. (IF: 5.008; Category: Neuroscience; Ranking: 41/243) [Selected as a Feature Article highlighted with a commentary and Candidate Cover Figure of this Journal] [See also Research Highlight in the "Nitish V Thakor, April 4, Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, 2012"]
  • Lun-De Liao+, Chin-Teng Lin+, Kaleb McDowell, Alma Wickenden, Klaus Gramann, Tzyy-Ping Jung, Li-Wei Ko, and Jyh-Yeong Chang, "Biosensor Technologies for the Augmented Brain-Computer Interface in the Next Decades," Vol. 100, Issue: Special Centennial Issue, Proceedings of the IEEE, 2012. [+contributed equally] (IF: 6.810; Category: Engineering, electrical & electronic; Ranking: 2/244) [Invited paper for a "Special Centennial Celebration Issue: Reviewing the Past, the Present, and the Future of Electrical Engineering Technology" of Proceedings of the IEEE]
  • Lun-De Liao, Chin-Teng Lin, Yen-Yu I. Shih, Jyh-Yeong Chang, Meng-Lin Li, You-Yin Chen, "Investigation of the In vivo Cerebral Hemodynamic Response Function in Single Vessels by Functional Photoacoustic Microscopy," Vol. 17, No. 6, Journal of Biomedical Optics, 2012.
  • Lun-De Liao, Chi-Yu Chen, I-Jan Wang, Jyh-Yeong Chang and Chin-Teng Lin, "Gaming Control using a Wearable and Wireless EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interface Device with Novel Dry Foam-based Sensors,"Vol. 9, No. 5, Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, 2012. (IF: 3.264; Category: Rehabilitation; Ranking: 6/58) [Selected as a Top 10 Highly Accessed Article]
  • Hsin-Yi Lai, Lun-De Liao, Chin-Teng Lin, Yen-Yu I. Shih, You-Yin Chen, Jui-Hsiang Hsu, Hui-Fen Chen, Siny Tsang, Jyh-Yeong Chang, "Design, Simulation and Experimental Validations of a Novel Flexible Neural Probe for Deep Brain Stimulation and Multichannel Recording," Vol. 9, No. 15, Journal of Neural Engineering, 2012.
  • Lun-De Liao, Shang-Lin Wu, Chang-Hong Liou, Shi-An Chen, Li-Wei Ko, Sheng-Fu Chen and Chin-Teng Lin, "A Novel 16-Channel Wireless System for Electroencephalography Measurements with Dry Spring-Loaded Sensors," Accepted, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement, 2013.
  • Yuan-Jen Chang, Lun-De Liao, Chin-Teng Lin, Hsin-Yi Lai, Ji-Lin Chen, Yu-Ting Yang, Ying-Chen Ting, Ya-Po Huang, Robby Wu, Nitish V. Thakor and You-Yin Chen, "A low-cost multi-electrode array system for the simultaneous acquisition of electrophysiological signal and cellular morphology," Accepted, Journal of Neuroscience and Neuroengineering, 2012.
  • Lun-De Liao and Chin-Teng Lin, "Novel Trends in Biosensors used for Electroencephalography Measurements in Neurocognitive Engineering Applications," Vol. 1, pp. 32-41, Journal of Neuroscience and Neuroengineering, 2012.
  • Lun-De Liao, Hsin-Yi Lai, Chin-Teng Lin, You-Yin Chen, "A Novel Light-Addressable Multi-electrode Array Chip for Neural Signal Recording Based on VCSEL Diode Arrays," Vol. 1, pp. 4-12, Journal of Neuroscience and Neuroengineering, 2012.
  • Angelo H. All, Faith A. Bazley, Siddharth Gupta, Amir Pourmorteza, Nikta Pashai, Charles Hu, Candace Kerr. "Human embryonic stem cell-derived oligodendrocyte progenitors repair somatosensory pathways following contusive spinal cord injury." PLoS ONE 7(10): e47645. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0047645M, Accepted 12 Sep 2012
  • Lim, J., Ebstein, R., Tse, C.Y., Monakhov, M., Lai, P.S., Dinges, D.F., Kwok, K. (2012) Dopaminergic polymorphisms associated with time-on-task declines and fatigue in the Psychomotor Vigilance Task. PLoS One, 7(3): e33767.
  • Lim, J., Dinges, D.F. (2010) A quantitative analysis of the impact of short-term sleep deprivation on cognitive variables. Psychological Bulletin. 136(3): 375-389.
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  • Rege A, Murari K, Seifert A, Pathak AP, Thakor NV (2011) "Multi exposure laser speckle contrast imaging of the angiogenic microenvironment", J Biomed Opt. vol. 16, no. 5, pp. 05600601-05600610.
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Recent Updates...

Prof. Thomas Yeo' research featured on NUS and MGH.

Featured on NUS news (10th Oct., '16) and MGH news (7th Oct., '16).

EMBC 2013 Presentations, Osaka Japan embc-2013

SINAPSE members presented a variety of their work at the annual Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference held in Osaka, Japan on July 4 to 7. Click here for a list of SINAPSE papers and presentations.

4-7 July 2013
2013 International Neurotechnology Consortium Workshop: NeuroDiagnostics, NeuroTherapeutics, Imaging and Grand Challenges icon_embc2013.jpg

The INC 2013 workshop was held in Osaka, Japan during EMBC 2013 by Nitish Thakor and Charles Liao. The goal for 2013 was to significantly expand the scope of the INC workshop to include many additional cutting edge topics: Neural interfaces, electrodes; Neural circuits, devices; Nerve and cortical prosthesis; Implantable neurotechnologies; Neuroimaging techniques; and Brain machine interfaces. Workshop flyer >> [pdf]

8:30am-5:00pm, Conference Hall (12F), Osaka International Convention Center 3 July 2013
Brain Connectivity Workshop 2013 Brain connectivity

The workshop "Brain Connectivity : Structure and Function in Normal Brain and Disease" will take place in the Center of Life Sciences Auditorium (#01-07) on May 17th from 09:30am to 13:30pm. Download flyer >> [pdf]

17 May 2013
2012 ISCBFM Young Investigator Travel Award Charles

SINAPSE fellow Lun-De Liao received the 2013 Young Investigator Travel Award from International Society for Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism (ISCBFM) for his work on "Study of the Stroke Neuroimaging using functional Photoacoustic Microscopy".

24 February 2013
Awards & Recognition Ceremony 2012 image

Congratulations to the Director of SINAPSE, Professor Nitish Thakor, on his appointment as Provost Chair Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering!

30 November 2012