Optogenetics Engineering

The Optogenetic Engineering Lab of the SINAPSE Institute, led by Drs. Nitish Thakor and Gavin Dawe, is recruiting research scientist and post-doctoral fellows to a) develop novel technologies for delivering optogenetic probes, b) stimulation and recording, and c) conducting behavioral experiments on learning and adaptation, as well as translational research in the areas of plasticity after peripheral and spinal injury, Parkinson's disease, and pain.

Highly talented and motivated graduate students or candidates with a doctorate degree in the biological sciences, bioengineering, and advanced optical or electronic circuits and instrumentation are encouraged to apply. Candidates should be enthusiastic to work in a multidisciplinary research environment, skilled in their own focus areas (whether molecular biology or systems physiology or instrumentation development).

Interested candidates should send their CV with contact information for two references, and a cover letter describing their research accomplishments and career goals to Dr Nitish Thakor (sinapsedirector@gmail.com) SINAPSE will provide excellent resources and work conditions (an environment of about 20 collaborative PIs), with opportunities to collaborate with investigators at the Johns Hopkins University and the National Cancer Institute. Salaries will be internationally competitive and commensurate with experience. Health insurance, as well as travel to international conferences, will be provided.