Laboratory Facilities

In Vivo Electrophysiology Laboratory

Our in vivo electrophysiology laboratory comprises several independent electrophysiology recording rigs for both acute and chronic studies in rodents. These including a 32-channel Tucker Davis Technologies real-time processor for neural and cortical recording and 16-channel microstimulator, a 32-channel Multichannel Systems (MCS) portable neural recording system, electrophysiology setups for chronic recording of somatosensory and motor evoked potentials, and access to a 128-channel Plexon system for NHP studies.

Engineering & Electronics Design Laboratory

Within our engineering and electronics design laboratory, our researchers develop a number of biomedical devices and implantable microelectronics in addition to robobotics, prosthetics, exoskeletons, and and new biomedical diagnostic tools and surgical robotics. These include implantable amplifiers on-board with wireless power and data capability, light-weight optogenetic stimulators for awake-behaving rodent studies, EMG-controlled robotics and exoskeletons, and smart-phone compatible diagnostic tools. The lab is equipped with an extensive array of electronics equipment for developing these devices.

Photoacoustic Microscopy Unit

SINAPSE is home to a state-of-the-art Photoacoustic & Ultrasonic Imaging System (PUIS), also known as a functional photoacoustic microscopy (fPAM) system. The system is a reliable imaging technique to probe the total hemoglobin concentration (HbT), cerebral blood volume (CBV) and hemoglobin oxygen saturation (SO2) in single cerebral blood vessels of rats. Our research fellows have developed a unique fPAM technique and have extensive experience studying the cerebral neurovascular coupling functions using the fPAM technique.

Wet Laboratory

Our fully functional wet-lab is equipped with all necessary tools to undertake a number of in vitro studies, including stem cell differentiation, microfluidics, C Elegans studies, and pharmacology.

Dextroscope 3D Workstation

Within the cooperation framework between SINAPSE and the National Neuroscience Institute of Singapore (NNI), the surgical robotics lab is home now of the Dextroscope, a holographic imager for surgery planning. The Dextroscope is a commercial, integrated workstation designed to support surgical evaluation and decision making. The system can automatically coregister preoperative images of different modalities, assist with the segmentation of critical anatomic structures, and present the information-fused 3-D model on a stereographic display. It allows the operator to inspect and manipulate the virtual patient model using an ergonomic handle in one hand and a stylus-shaped instrument in the other, both of which are collocated in space with the 3-D rendering. Neurosurgery 72:A154–A164, 2013

Computational Centre

In computational laboratory, researchers have access to high-performance workstations and software packages. Projects include developing a number of models and signal processing methods using neural data, such as brain connectivity mapping using patient-specific diffusion tensor-MRI images, real-time EEG-feature extraction for cognitive engineering, spike sorting and decoding of cortical and neural data, and modeling.

Non-Human Primate Facility

In collaboration with A*STAR Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS), we are able to utilize one-of-a-kind non-human primate facilities, located at the SingHealth Animal Husbandry in Sembawang. Here we undertake a number of research studies, including the peripheral nerve prosthesis project, cortical decoding motor-task studies, visual task studies, myoelectric prosthesis control, and brain-computer interace (BCI) projects.

Clean Room & Microfabrication Laboratory

Under construction, to be completed within the year, is our own dedicated clean room and microfabrication laboratory. Equipment in the clean room will include fume hoods, a mask aligner, reactive-ion etching, optical microscope, step profiler and XeF2 etcher, programmable vacuum spin coater, expanded plasma cleaner, parylene deposition system, ovens, and ultrasonic cleaner.