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Affiliated Faculty

Sanjay Khanna, Ph.D.

Using animal model and techniques such as electrophysiology, behaviour and immunocytochemistry I have focused on 2 major areas

  • Role of septohippocampal region in pain
  • Hypothalamic regulation of hippocampus

Membership of Editorial Boards

The Open Anesthesiology Journal, Bentham Science Publishers, 2008-present
The Open Pain Journal, Bentham Science Publishers, 2008-present

Research Mentorship

Current graduate students = 4 (3 PhD, 1 MSc)
Past graduate students = 8 (4 PhD and 4 MSc)
Qualitative assessment of impact of research at international and national level; my work has provided insights into the physiology of septo-hippocampal network in pain.


Classroom teaching: with focus on "Neuroscience", contact hours = 36-120

Teaching award: Awarded the "Faculty Teaching Excellence Award" for 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 (from Faculty of Science)

Development of undergraduate modules and/or curriculum

  • Undergraduate BSc level 3 modules
  • Life Science Honours module
  • Course design MBBS neuroscience module

Development of postgraduate modules and/or curriculum

  • Postgraduate: Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Postgraduate: Advanced Neurophysiology

Participation in postgraduate professional examination: Examiner, Part 1 MDS, 2006-present

External examiner: External examiner in Physiology, 1st Professional BDS, University of Malay

Innovative teaching strategies

  • Developed Self-directed learning modules
  • Development and introduction of Team-base learning
  • Development of web based e-self-directed learning tutorial

Participation in thesis and oral examination committees: I have been the University examiner for 9 PhD and 5 MSc thesis

Consultation work

  • Lectures at Institute of Mental Health to MMED Part I psychiatry trainees
  • Lectures in Basic Medical Science Course, Div. Graduate Dental Studies
  • Lectures, Psychiatry Didactics (NUHS)


Selected research papers as principal investigator (2006-2011)

  1. Tai, SK., Huang, F.-D., Moochhala, S. and Khanna S. Hippocampal theta state in relation to formalin nociception. PAIN 121: 29-42, 2006.
  2. 2. Lee, ATH., Shah, JJ., Li, L., Cheng, Y., Moore, PK. and Khanna, S. A nociceptive-intensity-dependent role for H2S in the formalin model of persistent pain. NEUROSCIENCE 152: 89-96, 2008.
  3. Ariffin, MZB, et al. Nicotinic receptor mechanism in supramammillary nucleus mediates physiological regulation of neural activity in dorsal hippocampal field CA1 of anaesthetized rat. HIPPOCAMPUS 20: 852-865, 2010
  4. Lee, ATH, et al. Medial septum facilitates persistent nociception. PAIN 152: 2528, 2542, 2011.
  5. Khanna, S. Nociceptive processing in the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex, neurophysiology and pharmacology. In RF Schmidt and WD Willis (eds.) Book chapter, Encyclopedia of Pain, Springer, Berlin, 2007