Cognitive Engineering

The objectives of the Cognitive Engineering Laboratory are to develop advanced methods for cognitive engineering and to investigate cognitive performance and its enhancement for applications, such as decision making and learning. Such translational research in cognitive performance would combine neuropsychological approaches and neuro-engineering techniques. This track will build up capabilities in cognitive and engineering systems for brain function assessment, imaging, and brain machine or human machine interfaces for cognitive performance enhancement.

The overall approach has been scheduled as follows.

  1. From simple to complex tasks: we have developed well-defined experiments in controlled conditions. For example, workload evaluation in various level arithmetic tasks to experiments of simulated real conditions up to immersive 3D virtual reality conditions where the subject is part of the experiments.
  2. From unimodal (EEG) to multimodal (EEG, fMRI, DTI) experiments
  3. From univariate (Granger causality) to multivariate (graph theoretical methods) mapping of the brain networks