Cognitive Engineering

Available Positions

The Cognitive Engineering Laboratory (head Prof. Anastasios Bezerianos) is interested in welcoming talented and self-motivated full-time Research Fellows (RF) and Research Assistants/Associate (RA) of different level and work experience in the exciting area of Cognitive Neuroengineering / Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics. The Laboratory employs a multi-disciplinary approach, combining innovative neuropsychological approaches and advanced neuro-engineering techniques. Research Fellows (RF) will conduct research in (1) multimodal brain signal processing and analysis and (2) cognitive training and brain enhancement. Research Assistants (RA) will be able to assist with research conducted in the laboratory in the above areas while developing his/her own expertise and skills. Details for each of the positions can be found in for:
  • RA for multiple projects using EEG measurements here
  • RF in Virtual Reality(VR) based Brain Augmentation Systems here
  • RA in Virtual Reality(VR) based Brain Augmentation Systems here
  • RF in Multimodal Neuroimaging here filled
  • RF in BNCI Engineering here filled
  • RF in Neuroscience/Psychology here filled
  • RF in Computational Intelligence here filled
  • RA for Engineers/Scientist here filled
  • RA for Neuroscientist/Psychologist here filled
  • RA for BNCI Engineer here filled