Principal Investigator Chen Chia-Hung
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Department Bioengineering
Address E1-05-27
Engineering Drive 1
Singapore 117575
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Integrated Microfluidic Biotechnology


8 Sep 2013

"Near-infrared photothermal activation of microgels incorporating polypyrrole nanotransducers through droplet microfluidics" R. C. Luo, S. Ranjan, Y. Zhang and C. H. Chen*, Chem. Commun., 2013,49, 7887-7889 was selected as a back cover in Chem Commun (Impact factor: 6.5). | View announcement

Publication accepted to PNAS

In Dr. Chia-Hung Chen's recently accepted publication in PNAS, his team used microfluidic platform to speed up the paths of biomarker finding. Droplet based microfluidic technology was demonstrated as a useful platform for system biology to study the activities of protease ADAM-10 and -17, which regulate endometriotic cell migration via concerted ligand and receptor shedding feedback on kinase signaling.

9 July 2013