Principal Investigator Chen Chia-Hung
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Department Bioengineering
Address E1-05-27
Engineering Drive 1
Singapore 117575
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Integrated Microfluidic Biotechnology

Integrated Microfluidic Platform

In this research, we will develop an integrated microfluidic platform with advantages in both concentration enhancement and assay multiplexing to specifically assay important cancer biomarkers for drug discovery. To develop the multiplexed assay, the protease substrate library will be formed using droplet generator chips (A). The droplets will encapsulate different reagents and will be stored in a large tube as the droplet library. After that, the droplets will be uploaded to a picoinjector device (B,D), where they will be added to the sample of clinical solutions collected in the hospitals [1]. The biomarker concentration in the sample will be increased in the micro-channel by applying a biomolecule concentrator. The concentrated biomarkers will be then injected into the droplets for the high-sensitivity measurements [2] (C,E)

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