Neural Prostheses

Implantable Microelectronics

A neural amplifier developed at SINAPSE.
Our proposed peripheral neuroprosthesis reconnects the motor neural signal path from the proximal end of an injured peripheral nerve to the muscle, bypassing the degenerated distal nerve and restoring dexterous hand movements. We will develop reliable low-power simultaneous recording and stimulation microchips which employ input impedance boosting and the enhancement of common-mode rejection for recordings, waveform-adaptation and active charge balancing for stimulation, and stimulation artifact cancellation for simultaneous recording and stimulation. A recording amplifier and electrode co-design approach will also be adopted to realize a robust recording interface.

Above, several of our designed amplifier/stimluator chips are shown. We will integrate the electronics system with our custom-designed neural recording electrodes to deliver the final system. The system will use inductively-coupled power and data between the implant. The amplifier technology in the device also supports connection to microelectrode arrays for peripheral nerve applications. All components will be surface mounted in a hermetical container. The package will be sized and form fit for nonhuman primate limb and eventually human limbs.

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