Neural Prostheses

Available Positions

The Neural Prostheses Program, is actively recruiting highly talented and motivated graduate students, research scientists and research fellows and clinical scientists to become part of our project to develop an entire, novel peripheral nerve neuroprosthesis, and to carry out basic quantitative and experimental studies. The grand goal of these projects is to create a novel fully implantable neural prosthetic system for restoring dexterous hand function after a proximal nerve injury. We invite candidates with backgrounds in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Microfabrication, In Vivo Electrophysiology, Signal Processing, and Biomedical Instrumentation. Additionally, we announce the following positions for immediate recruitment.

Research Fellow (Microfabrication) Contact: Dr. Vincent Lee Laboratory: Neural Prostheses Availability: Immediate
Research Fellow (Signal Processing) Contact: Dr. Shih-Cheng Yen Laboratory: Neural Prostheses Availability: Immediate

How to Apply

To be considered for any of the above positions, prospective candidates should include all of the following in their application:

  • Cover letter describing your research accomplishments and career goals
  • CV
  • Two reference contacts

Please send your application package to Venkatesh HR ( and Prof Yen Shih-Cheng (