Principal Investigator In Hong Yang
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Department Bioengineering
Address E1-05-27
Engineering Drive 1
Singapore 117575
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The goal of the Neuro-chip Project is led by Dr. In Hong Yang to develop a universal, high throughput system for neuroscience discovery. This chip, developed using micro and nanotechnologies will be used to culture and pattern neurons in a massively parallel platform with surface chemistry, and microfluidics for probing the neuronal properties. The chip will serve as a platform for basic research discoveries, such as mechanism for neuronal cell death, axonal degeneration, myelination, neuromuscular junction formation, axonal growth and guidance. In addition, this highly parallel, high throughput system will also be used for drug discovery, by incorporating the ability to alter the surface chemistry or by providing microfluidic channels for drug delivery to individual or population of neurons. Neuronal response to drug screening will be by means of electrical, electrochemical or optical assay build directly on the Neuro-chip or on the integrated platform. It is expected that this technology will foster industrial partnership and lead to commercialization.

High throughput drug screening (HTDS) Neuro-Chip - The HTDS Neuro-Chip projects are the development of Neuro-Chip which can screen therapeutic targets for the neurodegenerative diseases, in particular, axonal neuropathies including chemotherapy induced axonal neuropathy, HIV neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, diabetic neuropathy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and peripheral polyneuropathy. HTDS Neuro-Chip will be the first microfluidic platform to screen drugs for axonal degeneration in the world. We will identify novel therapeutic targets from this projects and test in animal disease models.