Neuromorphic Engineering

Available Positions

The Neuromorphic Engineering and Neurotechnology Lab of the SINAPSE Institute, under the direction of Prof. Nitish Thakor, and in partnership with Prof. Ralph Etienne-Cummings (Johns Hopkins University, USA) and Prof. Gert Cauwenberghs (University of California, San Diego, USA), is interested in recruiting well trained, talented, skilled and highly motivated individuals to work under a common program in the area of Neuromoprphic Engineering and Neurotechnology development.

The main objectives of the laboratory research are but not limited to:

  1. Research and development of advanced analog/digital/mixed VLSI circuits and systems for neuroscience applications, including but not limited to neural recording, stimulation, optogenetic modulation, and imaging.
  2. Research and development of neuromorphic circuits and systems, as well as developing computational models, in areas including but not limited to vision, saliency, complex biologically inspired locomotion, autonomous and cognitive decision making, and brain machine interface
  3. Develop fully integrated neural interfaces, implanted neural systems (peripheral and central), and commercial or clinical translation projects through an extensive team effort.

Candidates with a PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Neurosciences or Neuroengineering with outstanding skills and credentials are invited to apply for appropriate positions in the Institute. The tenure track appointment will go through a suitable Department, while research track faculty, research associate, and post doctoral fellow appointment will be granted within the Institute.

The researchers will have access to impressive financial and physical resources, including noninvasive human and small animal experimental facilities, laboratory instrumentation, computing and imaging resources, and additional project-specific discretionary funding. SINAPSE will provide excellent work conditions (an environment about 20 collaborative PIs and more than 100 researchers in steady state). The salaries will be internationally competitive and commensurate with experience, and health insurance coverage as well as travel to international conferences will be included. Interested researchers and fellows should contact as soon as possible Prof. Nitish Thakor ( sending a CV with two external references and a letter of accomplishments, motivation and career goals.

1) A position is available for Research Fellowship (Postdoctoral Fellowship) in Robotics Engineering (Tactile, Control & Mechatronics). For details, please check here.

2) Temasek Laboratories and the Singapore Institute for Neurotechnology (SINAPSE) are recruiting talented individuals to work in the fields of Computer Vision, Cognitive Computing, and Aerial Robotics at the National University of Singapore. Multiple Research Assistant and Post-Doctoral positions are available in the lab developing embedded bio-inspired vision sensors for autonomous aerial vehicles. For more details, please check here.