Lead Research Scientist Charles Liao
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The Neurophotonics group focuses on developing innovative in vivo optical microscopy and spectroscopy technologies to study neurovascular functions of the nerve and the brain, with an ultimate goal of translating pre-clinical development to early clinical testing of novel therapeutics. Our tools include advanced optical imaging (dark-field functional photoacoustic microscopy), electrophysiological recordings and animal disease models.

Sitting (Left to Right) : BANDLA Aishwarya (Ph.D. Student), Dr. LIAO Lun-De (Head of Neurophotonics Group, Senior Scientist)) & LIU Yu-Hang (Ph.D. Student)
Standing (Left to Right) : Ji-Young KIM (Exchange student), XU Yu (Ph.D. Student), CHUA Le Teng Sherry (Undergraduate Intern Student), TAN Stacey (Research Assistant), Casey CHAN (Research Assistant), Frances LIM (Research Assistant), Dr. CHAN Su Jing (Adjust Research Fellow) & YUAN Jun (Research Assistant)