How to add an event to the calendar

The following steps show you how to

Because the calendars are managed by Google Calendars, you will need your own Gmail account. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one here.

Quick Instructions

  1. Login to your Google Calendar and add your event to your own personal Google Calendar.
  2. Add the calendar ID for the "SINAPSE Event Calendar" or the "SINAPSE Conference Room" (see the end of this article) to the Event's "Guest List".
  3. Your event is auto-accepted on the respective SINAPSE calendar. Any change you make to the event are shown in both your calendar and the SINAPSE calendar.
  4. To save time booking or adding events in the future, add the calendar IDs to your Gmail contacts list, just like an email address.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Adding an event to the calendar

  1. Log in to your own Google Calendar
  2. Click on an available time-slot on your calendar to add your event. Insert the event name and then click Edit event >>.
  3. Insert your event details. Make sure the correct start and end times are specified, especially if you are booking the Conference Room. If this is a recurring event, select the "Repeat" box and specify how often your event will repeat.
  4. Share with the SINAPSE calendar. On the right side, under "Add Guests", paste the Calendar ID for the calender you wish to add the event to (IDs are listed at the end of this article) and click Add.
  5. When you are finished making any other additions to your event, click Save at the top of the page.
  6. Your event or booking has now been added to both your personal Calendar AND the SINAPSE calendar that you specified. Any changes you make to the event in your personal calendar will automatically appear in the SINAPSE calendar as well. To verify your event was added, it will appear on the corresponding SINAPSE calendar posted online:

Calendar IDs

To save time registering events in the future, add these calendar IDs to your Gmail Contacts. Note: these look like email addresses but are only used to send your event invitation to a calendar (i.e., calendars for shared resources like conference rooms). Your event invitation will be automatically accepted by the SINAPSE calendar to reserve the time-slot. Anyone with a Google account can add events to the calendars or reserve time-slots (no need to have the calendars shared with you).

  • SINAPSE Conference Room: dq5lp9phjl6k8elgg782ihik3s@group.calendar.google.com
  • SINAPSE Event Calendar: 3tc3g8g2vl348qe2pvsemvqndk@group.calendar.google.com