Provost Chair Professor Appointment

30 November 2012

Professor Nitish Thakor
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

"My goal is to promote collaborations among scientists, engineers and clinicians, and to nurture inventors and entrepreneurs. I hope to translate inventions and biomedical discoveries into practical solutions for improved human health."

Professor Nitish Thakor is an internationally recognized leader in the field of Neuroengineering. His research interests and achievements include the development of brain monitoring instrumentation, implantable microsensors and integrated circuits, processing and decoding of brain rhythms, conducting experimental studies of brain and spinal cord injury, developing therapies such as cooling for neuroprotection, and building brain machine interfaces and neutrally controlled prosthetic limbs. His seminal accomplishments include development of brain monitors for neurological critical care and deciphering brain rhythms to control dexterous prosthetic limbs. He is known not only for his numerous papers in engineering, neuroscience, and clinical journals, but also for several patented technologies and entrepreneurial activities. In recognition of his accomplishments, Prof Thakor has been elected as the Fellow if IEEE, American Institute of Medical and Biomedical Engineering, Founding Fellow of Biomedical Engineering, and International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering.