SINAPSE-NNI Symposium 2015
8 May 2015, 1150 to 1710 SINAPSE-NNI Symposium 2015

The aim of 2nd SINAPSE - NNI symposium is to create a platform for the exchange of interdisciplinary research ideas between engineers, scientists and clinicians for the promotion of translational neuroscience research.
Registration: Free. For any further queries feel free to contact Aishwarya Bandla or Dr. Lun-De Liao .

8 April 2015
Cognitive Workshop
7 April 2015, 0900 to 1600 Cognitive Workshop 2015

The workshop "When cognitive neuroscience meets engineering and computer science" will take place in the Center of Life Sciences Auditorium (#01-07) on April 7th from 09:00am to 16:00pm.

Posted 25 March 2015
3 July 2013 2013 International Neurotechnology Consortium Workshop: NeuroDiagnostics, NeuroTherapeutics, Imaging and Grand Challenges

The INC 2013 workshop was held in Osaka, Japan during EMBC 2013 by Nitish Thakor and Charles Liao. The goal for 2013 was to significantly expand the scope of the INC workshop to include many additional cutting edge topics: Neural interfaces, electrodes; Neural circuits, devices; Nerve and cortical prosthesis; Implantable neurotechnologies; Neuroimaging techniques; and Brain machine interfaces. Workshop flyer >> [pdf]

8:30am-5:00pm, Conference Hall (12F), Osaka International Convention Center
Brain connectivity
17 May 2013 Brain Connectivity Workshop 2013

The workshop "Brain Connectivity : Structure and Function in Normal Brain and Disease" will take place in the Center of Life Sciences Auditorium (#01-07) on May 17th from 09:30am to 13:30pm. Download flyer >> [pdf]

Posted 9 May 2013
14 March 2013 SPARC Workshop 2013

SINAPSE held the SPARC Workshop 2013, attended by several keynote speakers from NUS. See the event photos >>

Posted 1 May 2013
29 November 2012 g.tec BCI Workshop Tour 2012 Singapore This workshop is intended for people interested in learning the new skill of BCI communication and for people who are interested in combining BCI technology in their field of expertise.
Download flyer [pdf]
9.30am – 4pm, CELS #01-07 - CELS Auditorium, 28 Medical Drive
20 July 2012 NeuroChip Workshop
3 pm, CeLS Conference Room
20 April 2012 Behavioral Optical Imaging and Optogenetics
11 am, CeLS Seminar Room 2